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MiniBlurb; April 16th, 2011 ♥

so i know i have been out for some months.. for you who didnt know i was sick but im all good now.. so im going to be updating my blog cause uhhhhhh... YEH ITS NEEDED! ahahaha... anyways i miss you all soo much.. it feel good to be back!

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Your Body Type

This page is a guide to your shape.. find your shape then see my blog posts listed in the index to see whats in style for your shape this season && how to dress your shape on all occasions.. if you have any request on anyting email me ^_^


Find Your Shape
Suit your Swimsuit

laterDOLLS <3

{ Find Your Shape }

Ima keep this short && sweet ^_^.. this will enable you to find out your body shape, hence the title "Find Your Shape" lol... once you know your shape you are able to search the "Your Shape" tab on the top of this page for the latest trends && whats looks hot n' wonts not on your shape, types of jeans that suit your shape n' a bunch of other topics like that.. if you have any request on anything just leave a comment or email me..

{ Boyish/Rectangle }
A full neck
Average bust
Undefined waist
A balanced figure from head to toe
Broad back
undefined curves

Do Wear;
Shoulder pads, this will give the illusion of wider sholders && make your waist apprear smaller.
Tops with a scooped or V- neckline
Bras that have extra padding && underwire to give the illusion of a bigger bust n' give more clevage.
Jackets that have a cinched waist, or a bias cut to them.
Jeans that hug n' lift your bottom upwards, for a more defined shape.
Jeans that have flaps on the back pockets, this will creat the illusion of a bigger bottom. Also you could get some Padded underwear aka Butt~Pads.. i need some of these myself! LMbottomO"

Don't Wear;
Vertical lines it will just enhance your straight~rectangle shape.
High waisted skirts, jeans or pants
Clinging or tightly fitted blouses
Jeans with a straight cut
Loose garments that hide your curves, flaunt what you do have.

{ Apple }
A full face n' neck
Broader shoulders
Carry weight on you stomach
A fuller n' undefined waist
Narrow hips
Thinner arms n' legs
A flat rear end

Do Wear;
Wrapped n' fitted tops.
Jeans that have flaps on the back pockets that add definition to your bottom which will give the illusion of a bigger bottom.
Belted jackets, this will give the illusion of a smaller waist.
Bra that gives great support.
Lighter washes or fades along the legs n' knees to add volume to your thighs
Shirts or shorts that show off your amazing legs
Jeans with a flat front but with a mid~rise
Darker colors on top, and brighter colors on bottom.
Boot-cut n' flared legs jeans, this will give the illusion of longer && leaner legs.
Jeans that have a yoke{pair of fabric panels} in back to enhance your bottom.

Don't Wear;
Baggy tops or shirts with fluffy sleeves or ruffles
Jackets that fall at the widest section of your hips
Bright bold patterns, large checks && lighter colors above the waist
Jeans that are too tight or tapered legs
Shoulder Pads, you already have broad sholders
Jeans with have pleated fronts

{ Pear }
A long or slender neck
Sloping or narrow shoulders
Defined waist
Curvy hips n' backside
Narrow back
Small to medium bust
Wide hips
Full thighs n' calves

Do Wear;
Straight, boot cut or slightly flared leg.
Fitted BUT not tight T~shirts such as V-necks, turtlenecks n' open collars, this will bring more attention to your face which is always a good thing ^_^
A-line or straight skirts.
Dark colors on the bottom to disguise your curvy hips n' wid thighs
Focus on tops n' shirts with lots of bright colors && tailored or fitted tops this helps to accentuate your upper body around your bust.
Push-up bra to balance your top half n' to give your bust some support
Wrap dress which is the perfect solution for the different-sized tops n' bottoms

Don't Wear;
Tuck in tops
Bottoms that are patterned, light-colored, jeans that are OVERLY faded in the thighs n' rear.
any pants or jeans that stops above the knee at the calf, this will only make your thighs appear larger n' we dont want that do weDOLLS"
Pencil skirts, this will draw the eyes to the problem areas.
wearing a tight belt on ur waist, it will make you look bulky. {the smaller your waist looks the bigger your hips will look}
jeans that have pockets with flaps on the bottom, this will add to your already voluminous bottom, unless thats what you want then all to you.

{ HourGlass }
Symmetrical shoulders and hips
Full, shapely bust
Shapely Legs
Voluminous shapes
Medium to broad hips in proportion with shoulders
Distinctly defined waist
Big bottom
Narrow waist

Do Wear;
Fitted tops to enhance your bust n' waist
Jeans that have a slightly flared or wide leg {you already have alot of volume to your bottom so you dont need any more flare on the bottom of your pants only if you prefer though}
Bra with good support n' one also with a great fit is important as well
Tailored jeans to make your legs appear longer n' that also lift your bottom which is also hard to find a perfect pair in stores that fit n' lift so thats why i say tailored.
V~Neck tops to create the illusion of a longer upper body

Don't Wear;
Clothes that are baggy n' hide your curves
Short n' skirts they will make your shape appear alot rounder then it is
Tops with large prints n' blouses with ruffles

anywaysDOLLS" i hope this helped you out.. now you can go ahead && check out what looks hot on your shape on the "Your Shape" tab above ^_^

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