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MiniBlurb; April 16th, 2011 ♥

so i know i have been out for some months.. for you who didnt know i was sick but im all good now.. so im going to be updating my blog cause uhhhhhh... YEH ITS NEEDED! ahahaha... anyways i miss you all soo much.. it feel good to be back!

LoveKristinaRose ^_^


Hey Dolls,
First i want to say thank you for stopping by n' taking the time out to support me.. without you there wouldnt be a MisssLadyRose ^_^...
so dolls.. i made my youtube channel to express n' teach other beauties about my secrets n' to also share my love with Fashion&Beauty! im not going to be one of those gurus that do them crazy out there makeup looks.. my channel is for real women who are looking for wearable looks for everyday, evening, special occasions n' wot not... every now n' then i will post celeb inspired looks from like Nicki Minaj, Lady GaGa, Beyonce n' others.. i also will be posting fashion trends videos for every season along with post here on my blog too for a more indepth look into the trends with pictures..

im like a super creative person i love art.. all kinds of art.. i believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.. we all have flaws, we all dislike a certin thing/s about ourself but what you dont realise your not alone... even i dont like things about myself.. but i learned to embrace everything that iam.. im glad im me n' look the way i do.. i wouldnt want to look the same as someone else.. cause then i would just blend in with the rest of the world" n i would HATEEEEEE!!!!! that lol... i stive to be different.. cant stand being the same..... anyways dolls enough of me blabbin.. but if you havnt check my youtube chan already go check it out n' dont forget to subscribe, rate n' comment.. also here are some of my other pages below..

if you have any request on a video just message me..

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